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Get a Good Copy Editor if You Plan to Self-Publish Your Book

Authors who are just starting out are having difficulty in getting their manuscripts looked at by established publishing companies, thus they choose to publish their books themselves. However, in the process of publishing process, the key element of skilled copy editor is lost because they self-publishers would like to save money. Therefore, you will see thousands of books on the market that are poorly written, and this lead for self-publishing works to be looked down in the literary world.

The overview of an author is one who spend hours of research in order to write about the subject in mind, believing in his or her capability and of the project to be done, has high enthusiasm and motivation, and willing to undertake whatever it is to get his or her work done and out in the store. However, they sabotage their work by failing to submit it first to a copy editor, because of the interest to save money, prior to have the works printed.

Note that self-publishers have many important elements to remember. Number one thing is to know that self-publishing is a business, which means that you are both marketing the book you have written and yourself. And so, be aware that it is in the preparation of your so-called grand opening, which is the introduction of your book at a local or national book dealer on that special day, that would lead to the success of your particular business.

The number two matter for a self-publisher to understand is how important it is to recognize his or her limitations. Bear in mind that a person who writes books is not automatically a writer, even if he or she is the author. It cannot be denied that a high school graduate can connect enough words to be understood on what she or he writes, but also realize that one would need great and good writing, with strong knowledge of grammar, practicing consistently, and being committed to the art. In recognition of this fact, even the rich and famous would usually hire the help of writers to help them put into writing their memoirs. However, this does not stop you to become the great writer that you want to become, you can easily hire a copy editor to do the proofreading of your book if grammar and spelling are not your strengths.

There are other reasons why you need to have a copy editor if you are a self-publisher. One reason in hiring a copy editor is that a good copy editing will result which will lend credibility to your manuscripts, and if you have the credibility on your first publishing, you will create a following of loyal customers that will support you in your next work.

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