RUWORA Dehumidifier FAQ

The dehumidifier does not start?

1. Make sure the dehumidifier's plug is inserted completely into the outlet.

If the plug and power cord are connected. please wait 10 minutes before restarting (because the machine need take 10 minutes to recover).

When the machine does not work. wait at least 3 minutes before restarting to avoid damage to the compressor.

2. Check the house fuse/circuit breaker box.

3. Dehumidifier has reached its preset level or the tank is full.

4. Tank is not in the proper position.

5. Auto-defrost is in progress. The unit can't be started temporarily.

6. Humidity is less than 30%. use a humidifier instead.

The dehumidifier does not dry the air as it should?

1. Did not allow enough time to remove the moisture.

2. Make sure there are no curtains. blinds. or furniture blocking the front or back of the dehumidifier.

3. The humidity selector may not be set low enough.

4. Check that all doors. windows. and other openings are securely closed.

5. Room temperature is too low. below 41°F (5°C).

6. There is a kerosene heater or something giving off water vapor in the room.

7. Area to be dehumidified is too large. The capacity of your dehumidifier may not be adequate.

8. Please place it as close to the moisture source as possible

The dehumidifier makes a loud noise when operating?

1. The swooshing sound of the flow of refrigerant is normal.

2. Noise will rise if the compressor has just started.

3. The air filter is clogged.

4. The dehumidifier is tilted instead of the upright as it should be.
5. Unit is placed on uneven floor.

When the dehumidifier is running. water is leaking?

With Drain Hose

1. Please check the hose is installed correctly. Make sure it is connected tightly.

2. Please make sure you don't bend the hose. Also. the water inlet should not be higher than the water outlet. Or it will cause the water flows back into the machine.

Without Drain Hose

1. Please ensure that the machine is placed horizontally on the ground. If you want to use the dehumidifier in the higher place. you can use the foam in the package to elevate it.

2. Would you please check the water tank is defective or not? If yes. please get in touch with the seller for a replacement.

If there is still water leakage with drain hose. please remove the drain hose and use water tank to run for one night.

If there is no water leakage. it means you get a wrong connection with drain hose.

Please carefully check the correct installation method posted on the outside of the water tank.

The full indicator is on even though there is no water in the tank?

1. Please make sure the water tank is installed correctly; if not. the full indicator will be on.
2. Please check the sensor is stuck or not; if yes. please tap the bottom of the machine.
3. Please make sure the sensor whether the sensor is installed backward or not.

There is little or no effect in dehumidifying?

1. The room temperature is too low. or the enviroment humidity is less than 35%
2. Humidity level may be improperly set.
3. Auto-defrost is in progress. The unit can't be started temporarily.

When the dehumidifire is running, it makes an upleasant smell?

1. The smell may come from the wall. furniture and other things.
2. Disconnect the power if an unpleasant smell comes with smoke and contact Customer Service for a solution.

Why does this unit give off heat?

Itis a normal situation. Humid air is pulled into the dehumidifier and passes over refrigerated cooling coils. Moisture from the air collects on these coils then drops into the drain tank. Your dehumidifier emits heat because it takes a lot of energy to keep the coils refrigerated and the fan operating.

How can I change the humidity?

Please press setting button choose [CO] Continuous Dehumidification Mode. then press setting button again, then you can set humidity that you want, and please check User Manual Page 08.