Flowers in the Attic? No, That Is a Squirrel

One day you are sitting at home and watching the television. Suddenly you hear a loud bang over your head. Your first thought is that you hope it isn’t the plumbing. If a pipe has ruptured it would be dripping water any moment. The water doesn’t come. You put it out of your mind. A month later, you hear the noise company again and it becomes more often. You decide to go have a look. You pull down your attic stairs and you climb up into the dark space. Reaching above your head, you pull the chain to turn on the light.

As your eyes scan the room, you realize immediately that you have a big problem. You can smell urine, feces, and there is insulation strewn around the entire space. You can see that you will need to replace most of your insulation because if it hasn’t been ripped out, it smells like urine. You have wild animals living in your attic.

A pest control company louisville ky is what you need. You’ll need professionals to come to your home, find where the unwanted guests are entering and plug those places. You’ll possibly need to trap and remove squirrels or other animals such as opossums who have found their way into the space. Sometimes people have birds in their attic, other times it might even be bats. All these animals can cause damage and the urine and feces is potentially a health threat. It will need to be taken care of as quickly as possible.

You are highly advised to find local professionals who can come within 24 hours. You should read reviews online before you decide who to come and do this work for you. Find out if they can help clean up after removing the pests. If not, can they recommend someone who does do this work after they handle the removal? Find out what the estimate is. Compare at least two or three companies so that you get a decent price. Let them know if another company has quoted you less. You will either find out what the justification is that they charge more (perhaps they offer better follow-up services) or they may lower their price to remain competitive? It never hurts to ask. Ask a lot of questions and be clear on the work that is going to be covered.

Ultimately, you do not want the pests to be able to find their way back in. Will they guarantee that this won’t happen if they come out and fix the issue for you? Do they need to come more than once? Are they licensed and insured? You need to know if they are going to be up in your attic that they have insurance to cover their employees. Otherwise, you may just find yourself in a worse situation than the squirrels if someone falls and breaks a leg. Who is paying for the damage when someone puts a foot through your ceiling? If they are not insured, this could end up being a claim on your homeowner’s insurance. Always ask questions up front and be thorough.