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How to Tell if One Has Low Testosterone Levels.

There are very many biochemical processes that take place in our bodies. These processes ensure that our bodies function properly. All these processes play very important roles in the normal functioning of the body. Hormones play a part in these reactions. A simple definition of a hormone is that it is a chemical substance that is produced in certain organs then transported via the blood to the tissues where their effect will be felt. There are very many different types of hormones in our bodies. Several of them are found in both genders. There are others, however, that are specific to a given gender. For example, we have testosterone. Testosterone just as the name suggest, they are produced in the testicles of men.

The appearance of a man largely depends on this hormone. Masculinity and sexual development are some of the processes influenced by this hormone. Other than the outward appearance of a man, this hormone also stimulates sperm production. Hence its effect on libido. One thing that you need to note is that the levels of this hormone decreases with age. This simply means that younger men have higher levels of testosterone. There is a certain range in the level of testosterone that a normal person is supposed to have. You are said to have low testosterone levels when your testosterone levels in below that range. There are a number of symptoms associated with low testosterone levels. It is by looking at these symptoms that one can tell whether or not they have low testosterone levels. The following are some of them.

First of all, people with low testosterone levels have low libido. As we have already seen above; this hormone affects the production of sperms. This is why any alteration to the levels of this hormone will have an effect on the libido of an individual. Since the levels of testosterone levels decrease with age, older men are known to have a decreased libido. Having a difficulty in erection is another sigh for low testosterone levels. Achieving and maintaining an erection is influenced by this hormone. For this reason, one has problems when it comes to achieving and maintain an erection when they have low levels of this hormone. There are, however, other factors that come into play.

There is also the issue of loss of hair. Testosterone plays a very important role in hair production. Hence hair loss can be the effects of low levels of testosterone. This include the loss of facial hair. You should note that balding is not as a result of low levels of testosterone. The other sign of low testosterone levels is fatigue. It is apparent that men with low testosterone levels experience fatigue and a decrease in energy levels.

In conclusion, there is the issue of increase in body fat.

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