Do You Need Fire Restoration Services?

Fires are devastating to a home or to a business. Once the flames are extinguished the fire trucks are gone, mounds of damage are there waiting for a repair. It isn’t until the damage is repaired that you can get back to the life that you enjoyed before the fire. It usually takes a professional to help restore the home back to pre-fire condition. Not only is there damage from the actual fire, but also smoke, water from the firefighting efforts, and soot that must be removed.

Shocking Fire Statistics

The usfa reports that approximately 1.3 million fires occurred in the U.S. in 2017. Over 3,400 people died in these fires, and thousands of more people sustained injuries as the result of the fire. Of these fires, approximately 29.9% were caused by cooking, 11.3% were other unintentional causes, and 9.8% were intentionally set fires. Furthermore, approximately 28.9% of all fires occur at homes, while 14.3% of fires occur in automobiles.

What Does a Fire Damage Restoration Company Provide?

Once you hire a fire damage restoration company, they’ll come in to inspect the property and the damage that’s left behind. This thorough inspection determines the extent of the damage throughout the home, including in the walls and floor. They look for all damage in the home, including water damage. The professionals also develop a plan of action to clean up the property and restore it back to pre-fire condition. This includes a water drying process. Professionals then go to work to remove soot, smoke damage, salvage items left over in the property, and any odors that are left over in the carpet or the upholstery.

How to Choose a Fire Damage Restoration Company

No two fire damage restoration services richmond va are created equally so it is important the time is taken to compare the choices to find a company who isnt afraid to go the extra mile to complete the job. A good fire damage restoration company is one that is experienced, has a great reputation in the community, and who has good prices for the work that you need. take the time to compare the choices and don’t get stuck with the wrong company.

Fire Damage Restoration Costs

Costs of damage vary from one job to another, but the money is certainly well-spent when your life’s been turned upside down due to a fire. Most companies offer free estimates upon request so it’s easy to compare costs and find the best price for service. It takes little effort to compare costs to ensure that you find the best rates for service. On average, homeowners spend about $2.950 to hire a professional for fire damage restoration. Many homeowners insurance policies will help cover some of the costs of restoring the home, but you’ll need to first complete the claims process and get an approval from your agent, which may take a considerable amount of time.