Why Well Water Is Better than Municipal Water

A large chunk of Americans rely on water wells as a source of drinking over. Statistically, the estimate goes over 21 million homes who source drinking water from private wells. When you hear the word well, your mind probably takes you back to the pre-industrialization era where people walked miles to collect water from public wells if they didn’t have private ones of their own. But today, a modern well represents convenience and fresh quality drinking water. A properly installed well can provide naturally filtered, pure water for a long time allowing you to nourish your loved ones with affordable drinking water.

If you’ve recently bought a house in which there’s a water well, you have to have it inspected and maintained. You’re solely responsible for the annual testing of the well as the EPA regulates public water systems only. Seeking proper inspection of your water system and components would help ensure the health and functionality of your home. It is imperative that you gain as much background information on your well as possible; this can include prior test results and the original date of crafting. If you’re looking to build your own well water, the right thing to do is get in touch with expert contractors experienced in this field. Those companies who have are an experienced water well contractor Forsyth county NC have experienced workers with expertise in drilling a well that will last you a last time.

There are many benefits to having a personal well. With the increasing concerns linked to tap water, the importance of wells gets even more clear. In fact, when it comes to consuming water from a local public source, a lot of factors should be taken into consideration. The source involves various chemicals that are needed to treat the drinking water. These chemicals include chlorine and fluoride. The municipal drinking water doesn’t come without its baggage of regulations. If these factors have you pushed towards getting a well of your own, consider these three big benefits that will fortify your decision:

Well Water Is Actually Free

The expense-free water is one the many perks of having your own well. Once a one-time investment is made, there are no additional costs associated with a well. The only thing you have to bear with is the installation and placement of necessary equipment on your property. With a well dug deep within, you can say bye to water bills and start harvesting your own gallons of water. Although municipal water rates are affordable but considering an average human uses about 100 gallons of water per day, the total cost when including multiple family members actually adds up.

Well Water Is Reliable

With growing awareness among the masses, most of you people no longer take drinking water for granted. A continuous supply of water without broken mains, boil advisories, and other unforeseen issues occurring is a big relief. You get to regulate your own supply of water anytime during the day. In fact, well water is subjected to natural methods of purification which makes it not only reliable but healthy as well.

Well Water Is Healthy

Considering problems like the Flint water crisis and the aging infrastructure across the country, a well ensures you no longer have to worry about how the water reaches you, what kind of pipes it flows through, how long it remains sitting in tanks and what processes and chemicals it is exposed to. You get to pump your well water directly from the underground source and oversee the natural process yourself. Well water also contains the natural balance of minerals. Some of these minerals get removed when municipal water is treated for contaminants, hence you lose out on the naturally occurring beneficial minerals. Besides the perk of well water being naturally filtered, it also tastes better and is gentler on the skin in showers.