What Key Factors to Look For In Pest Control Service

Pest control is the type of service people need but do not really want. Pests can be icky invaders that turn a peaceful home into a skin-crawling museum. Pest control is important for many reasons health and hygiene topping the list. In the residential world, pests can drive down home value and damage property. In the business world, they can drive away employees and leave owners liable for legal issues. Pest control services are paramount in the fight against the ick. Unfortunately, choosing a sub-standard company can cause more harm than good. This is why it is important to put some thought into the company you choose. Here are the most important factors to consider when hiring a pest control service.

Look Into Their Rep

A pest control service is only as good as its online reputation. Both reviews and ratings will tell you everything you need to know about a company. They are based on personal experience from consumers who actually used the service. If they are not happy you will not be either. You want to choose companies that everyone else recommmends. Companies that leave a success story as a customers personal exprience. If you follow the crowd you can pinpoint at least three trustworthy and reliable services to choose from. Of course, you have to delve a bit deeper before making a full decision.


Pest control is not a simple serivce. They deal in all manner of chemicals designed to kill all manner of pest. Such service requires study, qualification, and licensing. Not to mention they also have to have applicable insurance. A company that lacks that is not a company you want sprayng around your home. You want professionals who understand exactly what the chemicals do. Professionals who can answer questions like, “can this stuff hurt me or my employees?” So make sure whatever company you look at carries the full range of required credentials to operate in your area. A good warning sign is if these credentials are hard to find. They should displayed proudly for all to see.


The longer someone plays the game of pest control the better they are. Experience means reliability for any contracted service. It means they have already made mistakes, learned from them, and evolved their service. It also means they are good at what they do. Any company that has been around for a good score of years obviously does something right. So when looking at pest control services Temecula CA. look for experience. The last thing you want is for your particular need to become a learning example for a new exterminator.

Look for a Warranty

A warranty says a lot about a pest control service. Any company not worth its salt will stay away from warranties. They will not trust their shoddy service to bet money on it. Reliable companies offer warranties because they trust the strength of their service. They now their work will do the job and are not afraid to offer free extended services in case it does not. They also care more about servicing the consumer than making money.