Important Roof Damage to Look For

The roof of a home is generally exposed to mother-nature more than the rest of the home. Elements such as snow, wind, rain, and exposure to the hot sun can directly affect the structure of your roof and cause potential damages. Different parts of the country naturally vary in climate and elements that can be detrimental to your home’s roof. The weather in Kansas City Missouri isn’t overly harsh on a consistent basis as it has warm summers, moderate winters, and mild humidity. However, the area often experiences high winds and thunderstorms which over time can cause damage to a home’s roof. Here are a few things to look out for on your roof if considering a roof replacement kansas city mo

It’s important to know the age of your home and roof and whether or not the roof has ever been replaced prior to purchasing the home. Make sure to check both the interior and exterior of the roof including the attic for materials that look aged. Some warning signs include brittle or cracked wood, loose-fitting or missing support brackets, and any material that looks like it may have mold on it. If your roof is made with clay tiles on the exterior be sure to check for any cracked or missing tiles. If your roof is made with shingles be sure to check for thin or melted tar which keeps the shingles together. If you see any signs of an aged roof be sure to contact a roofer and address the problems or get an estimate on replacing the aged materials or the entire roof.

Many homes utilize a flat roof rather than a sloped one. Flat roofs often have problems with collecting debris or water in particular spots. Homeowners should periodically check their rooftops for any buildup of debris such as twigs, leaves, pine needles, or really anything that doesn’t belong on the roof. Debris such as twigs and piles of leaves can collect water in certain spots on a flat roof which can cause water to eventually seep through. Mold can often be the cause of a lot of problems to a roof as mold can form in areas that aren’t clearly visible to the naked eye. Keeping the roof clear of any debris is just one preventative measure you can take in ensuring your roof stays mold free. If your roof has excess debris on it be sure to call an expert roofer to check for any underlying damages and whether or not a roof replacement is necessary.

The cause of damage to your roof may also come from structures that are attached to it or have previously been attached to it. Check every roof vent, flashing seals, chimneys, or other structures attached to the roof for any surrounding damage as water can penetrate through these areas and cause further damage. If any observed damage seems really serious or unrepairable by yourself be sure to contact a Kansas City roofing professional. Many roofers provide free estimates and at the least can give you their opinion on the extent of the damage and whether or not the roof needs to be replaced.