How to Successfully Find Roofers to Install Your Metal Roof

Roofing work is only as good as the contractor performing it. This does not always fall into the area of repair. Roofers also perform installations. In the South a popular trend is a metal roof. Metal roofs are great for aesthetics and also help you better hear the rain. Having one installed is akin to any other type of roofing service, it is only successful if the contractor is up to snuff. Here are some tips to find reliable roofing service for your successful metal roof install.

Research and Vet Your Options

Research is the key to located good service. If you go about it the right way you will separate the wheat from the chaff cleanly. An ideal strategy is to always find two or three reliable choices you can compare to one another. First thing to do is ask your Friends and family. If any of them have had a metal roof installed they should be able to point you in a the right direction. If they have just had simple roofing service that is good as well. Remember, not every roofer can install a metal roof. This is a specialty. If you strike out with your close circle than turn to the web. A simple search for metal roof installation Athens GA, will provide you a bevy of options. Be sure to include the subject of metal roofing. Separating good from bad is as simple as reviewing what other people think. Customers will rave and complain a lot online. Good roofers will have positive ratings, great reviews, and happy customers. Bad roofers will have a noticeable opposite.

Compare and Contrast

For your purpose the things you should look for when closely vetting a source are their insurance, licensing, pricing, and specialty. Reliable roofers are licensed, legal, and carry proper insurance. This protect you from becoming liable should the contractor become injured or your damaged your property.

As you are looking to install a metal roof this ability should also be noticed. You cannot hire a roofer to install a metal roof if they do not perform that service. Pricing becomes the final part of the process. Metal roofs can cost a pretty penny so any money you can save is a must. This does not mean you should go with the cheapest price however. A roofing company may have legitimate reasons for a higher charge. They also may have unflattering reasons for offering a low charge.


In the case of an installation a warranty is a great thing to get. This allows complete satisfaction and coverage should the job not be up to standard. It also can allow free maintenance on the new roof for an extended period of time. The company making the metal may carry their own warranty as well. You can also form your own warranty by getting every thing in writing. This allows you to insure the job is completed as contracted. If it does not you have legally binding proof to dispute with.